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"I live in Washington DC and use Parish Federal Credit Union for ALL of my financial services. Living over four hundred miles away from Parish Federal Credit Union's office has not hampered my financial management experiences. I am able to remotely control my account with out hassle. And, as always, I receive first rate member services whenever I call Parish Federal Credit Union. Thanks, Parish Federal Credit Union members!"

- Ellie


Picture of Guitar

"I have saved my money at Parish Federal Credit Union by saving a couple hundred bucks per paycheck to buy a new guitar. I later purchased the masterpiece which I used to record my latest compositions. After a long journey in the Bottom of the Lake Studio, my work of art is complete and I'm trying to fulfill my dreams by playing. Some day I may be recognized but I will always be able to record music with the guitar I bought because of Parish Federal Credit Union. Thank you, members of Parish Federal Credit Union."

- Bobby